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“It is not the same who lends you a hand in the war. The human wants to save you, but the persecutor wants to put the rope around your neck!” - Tomislav Kovač

This page contains biographies of criminals who committed the monstrous crimes against Serbs, covering mostly the period of the 20th and 21st century. Their names have to be memorized to show distinction between humans and beasts. These “humans” disguised as beasts are known for their bestial treatment of their victims, inflicting terrible suffering on them. They also shared a tendency to conceal and destroy the evidence of their crimes, and return to the crime scene with the aim to repeat the crime.

Every nation is proud of their armies and heroes, but also should wonder about the honor of each of its soldiers. The history of Serbs shows that they can be proud of their heroes. This page calls into question the honor of those who have blood of the Serbs on their hands, killing them in the most monstruos ways humanity has ever seen, with the aim to seek justice, disclose truth and keep memory of the crimes.

The wars of the 20th century- the First Balkan War (1912), the Second Balkan War (1913), the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1941-1945), and the Fatherland Wars (1991-2000) have produced a number of monstrous criminals. You can find their names with detailed biographies in the table below.

The table contains biographies of the criminals which we have in our archive. If you find someone missing, feel free to contact us, because disclosing the truth about crimes, perpetrators, victims and camps will never be finished.

If you are not sure how your story should look like, please take a look at existing articles about the criminals. When admins read your article, they will publish it at their earliest convenience. 

The criminals can be arranged by:

Yugoslav WarsKosovo and Metohia The Albanian criminal Adem Jashari (1955-1998) 58514
Yugoslav WarsKosovo and Metohia The Albanian criminal Agim Ramadani (1963-1999) 3969
Yugoslav WarsBosnia and Herzegovina The Bosnian Croat criminal Azra Alešević Bašić 2600
Yugoslav WarsBosnia and Herzegovina The Bosnian Muslim leader and criminal Alija Izetbegović 4163
Second World WarSlovenia The Croatian archbishop and criminal- Aloysius Stepinac 2810
Yugoslav WarsCroatia The Croatian Criminal Ante Gotovina 3490
Yugoslav WarsEstern Slavonia The Croatian criminal Blago Zadro - Vukovar 1991 880
Second World WarYugoslavia The German criminal Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader (1889-1945) 43610
Second World WarYugoslavia The German Nazi criminal- Walther von Brauchitsch 1318
Yugoslav WarsBosnia The Muslim criminal Ahmet Sejdić - Bosnia 1992 420

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