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Nazi camp Banjica in Belgrade

Banjica camp was the largest concentration camp on the territory of occupied Serbia during WW2. More than 3,800 people were killed there. Banjica camp acquired the status of being heritage and cultural monument only in 1984. This camp was in function from July 1961 until October 1944 and was situated within army quarters of the defeated Yugoslavian royal army.

An Infamous day in history: April 10th, 1941

Today - 10 April 2020 - marks the 79th anniversary of the proclamation of the notorious and so-called Independent State of Croatia - ISC. The ISC was established four days after Nazi Germany led its Tripartite Pact allies into invading and dismembering the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the short April War of 1941.

The Mauthausen camp

The Mauthausen camp was an Austro-Hungarian concentration camp, not far from the town of Linz (20 km), where over 80,000 people, most of them Serbs, Russians, Italians and other nations, were imprisoned during the First World War (WW1). This camp was the first to be formed by order of the Vienna Court in the summer of 1914, that is, right after the monarchy of the Habsburgs declared war on the Kingdom of Serbia.

Camp Lora in Split

Camp Lora was a concentration camp in Split, in which Serbs were tortured and killed during the war in the former Yugoslavia. The camp existed from 1992-1997. The entire state and military leadership of the Republic of Croatia was informed about all the events in the Lora Camp. There were 1,005 registered prisoners...

The Jasenovac camp

The Jasenovac camp was the largest concentration camp in the Independent State of Croatia in the territory of the occuped Kingdom of Yugoslavia during 1941-1945. By death toll, it was the third, and by the level of horror, the first largest camp in occupied Europe during World War II.

Camp Arad

Camp Arad was a big concentration camp formed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, for the imprisonment of Serbs and other Slavs, in the area of the north Banat region (today it is in the west part of Romania). The camp was established at the order of the Viennese Court in the summer of 1914...

The Battle of Koshare 1999

The Battle of Koshare was a fierce conflict between the Army of the Republic of Yugoslavia and the members of the Albanian terrorist group known as KLA which was supported by the regular Army of Albania, the members of the French Foreign Legion, British special units SAS, and NATO aviation.

The 21st anniversary of NATO aggression against Serbia and Montenegro

21 years ago, on this day of March 24th, 1999, NATO forces started a three month bombing campaign over Serbian soil. The campaign was designed to destroy Yugoslav air defences and high-value military targets. However, as we know, NATO bombed hospitals, bridges...

Testimony Borislav Seva from Piskavica about camp Jasenovac

Someone gave Rade and me leaflets which contained a text against the ISC [Independent State of Croatia] and against Ustasha [Croatian Nazis that formed the state as Nazi Germany and its fascist allies overran Yugoslavia]. We secretly spread those leaflets across Piskavica.

Europe The ratlines: What did the Vatican know about Nazi escape routes

After World War II, thousands of Nazis fled to South America along so-called ratlines — often with the help of Catholic clergy. The Vatican is now opening its archives from the time. Will it be a moment of truth?

The European Union - and pajama suit

The European Union is one of the biggest misconceptions of poor nations and the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Designed with the aim of looting so. middle class and turning it into a poor stock. "Life is a sine wave, in which he comes up to the cyclical change that repetition".

How did our website www.zlocininadsrbima.com

2009, the Internet has largely come to life, "Serbian" wikipedia. Deliberately putting quotation marks with the Serbian, because it unfortunately is not Serbian, you would say that wikipedija of Republic Serbia. Which is to say that it respects these let official position. Some members of the "Serbian" Wikipedia, and today our moderators are actively writing articles, thinking that doing one thing right.

18 years of operation "Storm"

I looked at the calendar and I damn what i see: August 2013 ... which means it's been fifteen, sixteen ... Ma entire eighteen years from the Storm!Croatian receiving in his flock, the European Union has received a new 4 million slaves to take new loans and borrowing is.